Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Feast of the Assumption!

This post is for all those Catholic moms that well aren't the super crafty type for feast days. Here's our cake. It's a mix with tub frosting and blue sprinkle sugar which was leftover in the pantry.

I also printed off a coloring page for Teresa.  Try to remember to print just the page you need, I printed off all of them. The page before the coloring page had a nice short paragraph about each mystery so I read that too.

Teresa is currently resting/napping so she can go to Mass this evening with Andrea and me.

Friday, August 10, 2012

--- 1 ---

Teresa is quite funny in ways to delay bedtime or the production she makes going to sleep. The other night she wrapped herself up tight in her quilt and said she was a chrysalis and needed nectar to drink (water bottle). In the morning when she came downstairs she was fluttering her arms and had her fairy/butterfly wings on.

--- 2 ---

Another day right after her bath she feel asleep on her bedroom floor. She was supposed to be putting on her PJs and when she didn't show up for dinner I went to check on her.  She was unclothed except for winter gloves.

--- 3 ---

Last night Teresa became a painting machine right before bed.

--- 4 ---

Matthew had his 1st ear infection last week. It's really the 1st time he's been sick. He really didn't seem sick. In fact I was hesitate to take him to the doctor until he cut way down on his formula. He HATES the pink medicine. David and I have one more day of trying to get him to take it.

--- 5 ---

Besides his ear infection why he's been so fussy the last several weeks is he has two teeth. Teresa lost her 1st tooth in June and the tooth fairy should have the 2nd before this weekend is over.

--- 6 ---

Matthew will be 9 months old next week. It's hard to believe. No we haven't finalized the adoption yet. There is some paperwork that is taking much longer than we expected. Also unbelievable is my oldest daughter turned 25 last month.

--- 7 ---

Another bedtime Teresa story- David was doing prayers with Teresa. She was repeating the Lord's Prayer what seemed like without a lot of interest or reverence. They got to the "deliver us from evil" part. She suddenly asks what it means. David tells her "deliver us from evil" means we want God to keep evil away from us. So she adds something like, please Jesus keep evil away from me, my mommy and daddy, my baby brother, and my sisters. So sweet!!!

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