Friday, January 28, 2011

My 1st Quick Takes

I promised by daughter, Megan, that I would start blogging on a more regular basis. So I'm trying to start by doing Quick Takes for the first time today.

1. Last Saturday our two foster children returned home. They had been with us for almost 6 months. Even though it was a hectic time with them here they will be missed.

2. I've been cleaning like crazy this week, like reverse nesting. Some of it is related to the children leaving like changing sheets and putting spare carseats in the attic but some is over the top cleaning at least for me. For example I vacuumed the exhaust fans in both upstairs bathrooms.

3. David and I are trying to decide what to do next with fostering and adopting. Thursday we did an agency's webinar about international adoption. Next Monday a county caseworker will be doing a home visit to complete our annual foster license renewal.

4. David and I also started working on our taxes this week. We always use TurboTax. Currently TurboTax has an error with the adoption credit carryover from prior tax year for special needs adoptions. Yes that's one of the credits we're trying to do. We're also still waiting for other paperwork so hopefully when the rest of the return is ready TurboTax will have a fix for the issue.

5. Megan went to Washington DC for the March for Life this past Monday. She posted more on the topic but I just wanted to say thank you to Teresa's birth mom for choosing life.

6. Teresa has been sleeping much better this week with her room to herself again. She still wants to sleep with the big overhead light on. I'm going to try to find a small lamp between a nightlight and the overhead light and see if that might work. With her improved sleep, I've actually had 8 hrs in a row in my own bed several nights and I really like it.

7. Teresa is also leaping in fine motor skills this week. She was watching Leap Frog Letter Factory and started writing most of her letters on her little slate. Previously she could only write a T well. Wednesday, she also for the first time did a good job scraping two carrots. This is a picture of an M she drew for Megan the other day while we were talking on Skype.

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