Monday, July 18, 2011

Why it was 11am before Teresa had her teeth brushed.

My Monday morning:
Get up
Weigh myself.
Drink diet pepsi.
See if Andrea is ready.
Eat breakfast.
Load dishwasher, mutter about why no one puts their dishes in there, I realize the door is actually broke but it is broke that it opens fast not that it won't open.
Start dishwasher.
Start first load of laundry so Teresa stops asking when Jaguar will be clean. Jaguar had a unfortunate accident Saturday at dinner when it was showered with chicken and rice soup and has been unwaiting a washing since then.
Find robe so I don't scare neighbors in my PJ's.
Take out trash and recycyling.
Start a second diet pepsi.
Write 3 emails to home study agency. 3 seperate emails since I've found that emails that address multiple topics don't get adequate responses.
Get one email back from our home study social worker within 5 minutes.
Decide to take shower.
Find Teresa awake and pestering on my way to shower.
Make Teresa eggs and bacon for breakfast. Make bacon for Megan too.
Take shower.
Try to get dressed and home study agency calls back. Talk to her for awhile.
Try to get Teresa off my computer so I can see if I got the email the home study agency sent.
Give Teresa her liquid claritin. Tell her I can't find the chewie ones. Get her a cup of iced tea to wash the medicine down.
Call in 3 RX refills for Andrea.
Find chewies for Teresa. Put them on bottom shelf where I can find them.
Get call from pharmacy that okay yes you need to order one it won't be ready until tomorrow after 1pm.
Put second load of laundry in washer. First load in dryer.
Dry and put away the clean dishes on the counter.
Finish getting ready myself.
Look for a 3rd diet pepsi but THEY ARE ALL GONE.
Brush Teresa's hair while she plays on computer.
Set timer for 10 minutes she must get off and brush her teeth then.
Let Teresa open the new book for this week's homeschooling.
Read Cordoruy to her.
Sit down at computer.
She NEEDED an apple while I was typing this.
I'm ready for lunch.
And I need to go check on Jaguar. I hope he didn't melt. I planned on getting him out after a FEW minutes in the dryer but of course that didn't happen.