Sunday, December 7, 2014

This Past Week's School and Mom Thoughts

Warning this is a rather whiny, I try not to whine on Facebook since some friends and family are teachers. Megan is without internet after her move right now so I'm venting here. Last week was the 1st week since vacation that we really got a full week of school done. We're enrolled with Seton and for 2nd grade especially I'm not rigid about doing everything but it gives us focus and direction which is good with T's ADHD. It really isn't a ton of work and if she sits down and does it it's really 2 hrs tops not including stuff like free reading math fact practice etc.

How we got school work done is we didn't get much else done, which frustrates me so much. The house was so bad that I attacked the downstairs floors today after Mass. And I also did the grocery shopping on a Sunday.  Exercise was neglected too. I think I did 30 minutes this week. I'm barely maintaining the 20 plus lbs I lost last fall and I want to lose more but I have to exercise almost every day to make progress. Basically I'm feeling like I never get balance with time for prayer, exercise, housework, homeschooling, any outside activities, and even time with the older girls and David.

I know part of it is the busyness of Thanksgiving and Christmas prep. We also helped Megan and her family move the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Even though David was off for 5 days we really didn't have more free time since Wednesday we did car maintenance and David's work email and phone were going off quite a bit too. David's car's battery did not like our cold snap of the week before and then when it was in it was noticed that the brakes really needed done too if we wanted to be able to reuse the rotors or something. This past Monday night David went to a required annual meeting for a homeschool group in the big city about an hour away. They have a weekly coop that I've considered so we joined the group this school year. The coop I say consider only because I really don't know how I would do it. 1st of all Matthew isn't one to go quietly along to activities. Then it's Thursdays. If we did that then regular school would have to happen M-W. The main reason I consider it is Teresa really craves more time with other kids. Our neighborhood has none really and all our family lives out of state and our more local homeschool group has several girls her age but it's not super active as in maybe 1 to 2 things a month and if you don't attend everything then she might see someone only every 2-3 months so she really hasn't made more friends within the group since her best buddy moved over a year ago.

Then Friday evening we went to the Epilepsy Foundation holiday party and then Saturday evening was a family outing to organized by David's work so we've been quite a bit busier than normal.

Specific homeschooling things of the week- Teresa started addition with regrouping. It's going OK. She needs reminders about not just putting the one above the 10's column. The 1st few pages only had regrouping problems then the mix of problems so with some without made her have to slow down and really pay attention.

I need to sleep so photos will have to wait. 

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