Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick Takes Homeschooling 2.0

Megan apologizes for the lack of picture; she is posting this from someone else's computer.

1. Homeschooling 2.0 refers to the fact that Teresa is frequently refered to frequently as family 2.0. I will admit there have been times I have not looked forward to homeschooling for 13 or so more years.

2. Doing VBS last week at our parish really reminded me about school life. Up every day, all sorts of stuff to bring in or pay for (CD, diaper donation for the crisis pregnancy center, Tshirt for tie dying), and well Teresa dear is so so active and if she is tired or hungry or interested in the room decorations she won't listen to the lesson.

3. I'm planning on starting K with Teresa in the next month or so. She won't be 5 until October so this year can totally be practice.

4. Why I'm starting in July is that maybe just maybe if all this paperwork and other stuff falls into place we will adopt again this year and it's likely a newborn. Homeschooling with a newborn I've never done. Andrea and Megan were 10 and 12 when we started so I've never done a K student either.

5. The curriculum has fallen in place the last few weeks. I'm using CHC for phonics and handwriting. MUS for, well, Math. A CHC number workbook before the MUS primer. Image of God K for religion. I don't think I'll use the God's Love Story book that CHC uses too for Religion. Other than that we'll read a bunch and do any of the Little Saints Preschool that we want to do. Likely mostly crafts since Teresa loves to glue and cut and color and I AM NOT CREATIVE.

6. The Image of God books came today. I LOVE THEM. I need to figure out how to ask our religious ed dept of our parish to use these instead. The stuff they use for Jesus Hour (our preschool/K CCD) now is so weak. Image of God talks about communion is the bread and wine becoming Jesus. I didn't know this until I was in my mid-thirties. It also has lots of worksheets and crafty stuff which Teresa adores. She thinks mazes are so cool.

7. Puzzles are educational too. This week I bought Teresa this Melissa and Doug puzzle. I think 100 pieces might take her a bit to master. The last 50 piece one I bought her she mastered in 1/2 hour.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

7 Quick Takes 25th Anniversary

1. Last Saturday May 28th David and I were married for 25 years. I'd post a wedding picture but that's one area that the quick wedding while you're home on military leave was lacking in. Maybe my daughter Megan will help me get the fairly bad picture my brother posted on facebook. I must remember to send our priest a thank you note for all he did so we could be married at my parish while we were home. Megan says: Here it is.
2. We went away for 50 hours. (That's how long Megan could be convinced/bought off watching Teresa) It's also about how long I can go before missing being at home. The bed and breakfast we went to was the White Oak Inn. Here's a picture of our cabin. It was a wonderful place. Very scenic. In fact there was a high water road closed sign at the last turn that had us a wee bit concerned but it didn't block our route thankfully.
3. We went to Red Lobster for dinner Saturday night. We had unheard of service. Our entrees were ready within 5 minutes of ordering. Our waitress apologized for bringing the salads and rolls out after the entrees.
4. Sunday we went to Mass at St. Francis in Newark. We've been to this parish in the past and it was worth the drive. Then out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Again our wait times were short. We did get to eat our salads first.
5. The rest of Sunday David and I spent relaxing at the Inn. We took a walk. I napped. We watched NASCAR. Our cabin had this wonderful tub.
I soaked in this at least 4 times over the weekend. We brought wine, cheese (yummy Jarlsburg spread from Kroger), crackers, and Hershey dark kisses to snack on.
I also loved the teas the Inn had available. This was my favorite.
David even liked it. "It's not bad for tea" Of course he drunk it without sugar and milk.

6. I almost forgot the flowers my sweetie had waiting for me at the cabin.

7. Here's my sweetie too. I love you BLOT (Bunches, Lot, Ooodles, and Tons). May we be blessed with at least 25 more years together.

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