Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick Takes 4-15 (#6 for me)

#1 Tax Day- We are still having issues with our adoption credit on our federal return. We re-sent our documents last week. Judging from various blogs, forums, and facebook we're not the only adoptive parents having issues and we should not plan on getting the refund soon.

#2 Last weekend our parish's noon Mass was especially for those couples celebrating 25 or 50 yrs of marriage this year. We will celebrate 25 May 28th. We received a special blessing during Mass, a cake from the Altar Society, and a very nice blessing certificate from our Archbishop.

#3 I drove Monday to Grand Rapids for my niece's confirmation Monday night. Then back home Tuesday morning. Their diocese does the confirmations at the cathedral on weeknights. I'm still tired from driving 10 hrs in just over 24 hrs. It's more emotionally exhausting since I'm still a wee bit anxious driving on the interstate since the wreck in Aug 09.

#4 Stuff keeps breaking around here. Sunday we tried to turn our heat off and the thermostat control panel wouldn't budge except the temp down button so at least we could turn it way down. The thermostat was still under warranty but it didn't cover the service call to diagnose/replace it. My new cell phone screen has gone blank twice this week. If it doesn't recover I'll have to call on that and see what the warranty is. I didn't drop it or get it wet or anything.

#5 This morning Teresa and I went to storytime. Last week I was being so productive mopping tile that I totally forgot until too late. The storytime was the last one for several weeks due to the library closing for remodeling. The kids decorated Easter pails, had an Easter egg hunt, got paper bunny ears, crayons, and holiday pencils. Definitely more than typical storytime.

#6 After the fun storytime we went to do the boring but necessary grocery shopping. I had made a good list and managed sticking to it much better this week. By the time everything was unloaded I was ready for a rest.

#7 While I was resting on the couch Teresa came over and crawled up too. She wanted to be my snugglebug. I will admit that makes my heart melt and appreciate what a blessing it is to be home fulltime and to be a mommy again at my age.

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