Friday, July 26, 2013

Blogging Challenge Friday QT Errands

This is the honest I'm tired Friday post. 7 Quick Takes seem like too much work. I guess I could write about the 7 places I went today. I'm 3 weeks and 3 days out from prolapse surgery (vaginal vault if you want to Google it) and I tried to run errands for the 1st time especially since this was our monthly payday. It was too much. Andrea my oldest was along since I can't put Matthew in and out of his car seat yet and otherwise lift anything beyond 10 lbs.

1. Library- We finished the summer reading club folder by the skin of our teeth. Tomorrow was the last day. The new children's librarian gave Matthew a book after I told her I thought the toddler program was too much work and didn't do it for him. The other kids need to read or be read to, the toddler program has stuff like count the windows in the house, what is the child's favorite color show them objects that are that color.

2. Gas for van- 3.25 a gallon here. I also needed to stop for gas so I could get a big diet pepsi.

3. The Y- signed Teresa up for a martial arts clinic (not camp according to the staff member) that is two mornings next week.

4. McDonald's- I met David there for lunch. He picked up cash on his way for me.  We all ate inside at a table. Teresa was impressed. We generally only eat fast food while traveling or running errands. She did not like the new hand dryers in the bathrooms.I told David to pick up the Papa John's special any 2 larges for 20 for dinner. He was able to do a wonderful spinach Alfredo with chicken and bacon as well as a meaty one.

5. Amish Farmer Produce Stand- Indiana Melon (BIG CANTALOUPE) watermelon tomatoes corn on the cob and green beans.

6. Bread Outlet- Powdered baby donuts and everything bagels were on the super deal table so Teresa and Andrea were able to get their favorite. The bread was a bit picked over since it was after 1pm but I got enough.

We then went home. I was an shrew of a mother because I was tired and cranky. I ate ice cream and didn't give the little ones any. Teresa must have known I was in a mood not to be messed with since she didn't ask. Sent them both to their rooms to play for a bit while I took some ibuprofen and crashed for 15 minutes on my bed. My peace was interrupted by Teresa's yelling down the hall that Matthew had pulled out baby wipes ALL OVER HIS ROOM. Gave Teresa her donuts and told her to watch PBS. Tried to get Matthew to play more in his room but then he was shoving blocks down his heating/ac vent. Took him down and offered him a donut that he made a mess with. Had Teresa vacuum the mess up. Then Andrea played with Matthew for awhile and when he wasn't going for that so I decided he needed a bottle and a nap.He had done a strange 8-1030 nap this morning. He went to SLEEP. Thank you Jesus so I let Teresa play outside and I was able to rest until David and the pizzas arrived.

7. Walmart- Andrea had some birthday money she wanted to spend and I had not wanted to enter Walmart with the little ones so I took her out to Walmart right after we ate. I got a few things- yogurt hot dogs allergy meds. Andrea found a double SIMS 3 expansion pack.

I'm going to get this posted and take my RX pain meds and go to bed now. Matthew is still fussing. We even gave him ibuprofen in case some teeth are coming in or something. David my wonderful wonderful husband is taking care of him. Good Night.

For more and I'm sure much more exciting QT see Jen.

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The Sojourner said...

I am tired just reading about your day. I went to five places on Thursday (hospital for bloodwork, gas station, Meijer, Aldi, Kroger) and I spent the rest of the day on my computer complaining about how tired I was. And I'm not 3 weeks post-surgery and wrangling two little kids.