Monday, December 28, 2009

Career Aspirations of a 3 year old.

Last night the little princess was up late after all the excitement of her baptism day and a very late nap from 8-10pm. We had been hoping for her to sleep all night but when she woke up and saw everyone else still up she was suddenly perky. She was trying to postpone sleeping again as much as possible. She was suddenly hungry, hungry only for a particular fastfood cheeseburger. It was around 11pm at this point. I lied and told it was closed. Not that we would have gotten it for her anyways. She suddenly starts talking about opening one of those restaurants. She asks Daddy to help her when she's grown up. She finally went to sleep talking about Daddy helping and being able get cheeseburgers whenever. She's been bringing it up off and on all day.

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