Friday, February 4, 2011

Quick Takes #2 Weather

1. We were in the area that had a lot of ice and some snow this week, our yard and driveway are somewhat like a 4 inch thick snowcone.

2. Since Mass Sunday I had only left the house to go to an eye doctor appt Monday at lunchtime until this morning.

3. This morning I managed to motivate Teresa to be ready for the day by 8:30am with promises of storytime at the library. When we got there at 10 there was a sign posted that they weren't opening to noon. She handled it remarkably well.

4. The next stop was Kroger. It was very busy mostly with senior citizens. I indulged Teresa with her own little cart. She piled it high with groceries. She rejected the raisins though, "I don't like them, put them in YOUR cart!" Also when she found one aisle empty of people she took off at a run pushing her cart and giggling.

5. I'm trying to keep to the weekly grocery budget which is nothing new but I'm also trying to see if I can do while just going to Kroger each week. I generally go to several stores (Aldi, the bread store, dollar store, Save A Lot, Walmart). Not all of them every week but several generally. They are all close together but unbuckling carseats etc takes a lot of effort and Teresa's behavior goes way down with more than 2 stops. Kroger seems more expensive than Walmart but with sales and not adding other items which is easy to do at Walmart I'm hoping it will work. Some other advantages to Kroger are that we get our RXs there already, the store is smaller, and I greatly appreciate their customer service. They bag, they will go get a new item if somehow one got smushed, they will even volunteer to take your cart and unload your groceries for you. Our Kroger also just got a gas station and with their points I can save quite a bit on gas. I've done well with the grocery budget the last 2 weeks so if that continues it could be one way to simplify life.

5. We went to the library to return an item that our small city library requires that it be returned to the children's desk downstairs. This library has a lot of rules but no overdue fines. The item is part of this series. We really liked the 1st one we had which was counting.

6 I just got the ice off of my van. The van roof had ice as thick as the luggage rack in places. I was worried this morning when I was driving that the ice would come off and hit the car behind me. I've been chiseling (really using my scraper) for about 2 days getting a few feet here and there.

7. Teresa keeps seeing dump trucks and bulldozers downtown moving snow. She wants to do that when she grows up and she wants toy ones for her birthday. "Put it on my list." She says that almost every day now. "Can I put that on my birthday list?" Her birthday is in October.

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