Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Take #3 2-25

1. We joined the local Y a few weeks ago. Last week I did great. I went 3 mornings and Teresa went to the babysitting there. She loved it and I got exercise. This week not once. Our schedule is off and the Y doesn't have childcare in the afternoons when I've been available. Next week I will try again.

2. The other night Andrea came in my room asking for a bandaid. I was helping get Teresa's PJ's on. The only bandaid I could find was a scoobydoo one. Teresa upon seeing these bandaids promptly states "I have a boo-boo somewhere, let me find it, I know it hurts." She did find one on the back of her heel.

3. My post foster children placement nesting cleaning urges have ceased. I got nasty decluttering left. I started on one of the ancient boxes in the garage the other day while Teresa was playing. I tossed old prom pictures (not my dear David) but was stuck on things like the 1st Father's day card I gave David right before Andrea was born and Andrea's little card from her hospital bassinet.

4. I have a new cell phone. It's from I need to get numbers programmed in it and get the ringer changed. Right now when it rings I take me too long to remember that's my phone ringing.

5. Our taxes seem so time consuming this year. Mostly due to changes in the adoption credit that should mean we get a very large refund this year. Turbo Tax finally got the form updated completely yesterday. We have to attach documentation from the adoption so Wednesday I picked up some copies of our adoption paperwork from our caseworker . Thursday Teresa and I went to the court house to get an official copy of her adoption decree. I wasn't sending our only copy to the IRS. We're not eligible to efile so before we print out our return we need to get toner for the laser printer. Then of course the envelope will need weighed so a trip to the post office.

6. Megan was home last weekend from Franciscan. We spent the weekend eating lots of meat.We had salmon Friday night. I've been looking for something to do with plain frozen salmon since Walmart stopped carrying the creamy dill salmon we loved. Well all we did Friday was bake the salmon with lots of BUTTER. It was quite tasty. Saturday was another simple but yummy meal. Put onion soup mix and some water in crockpot with roast. Let it cook all day. Boil noodles. Shred roast with a fork add a bit more beef broth. We ate it with green beans and bacon and applesauce. Our family requires bacon for green beans.

7. I'm off tonight for a local moms' retreat. Just 24 hrs but I'm looking forward to it. I'm also hoping that the weather doesn't ruin it. Last year I decided not to stay overnight at the retreat house and I had to cancel since the weather was too bad to drive back home on the dark rural roads. Overnight we've had our too frequent recent combination of rain, freezing rain, and snow. It is all supposed to stop by 11am. I'm hoping that forecast is correct.

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The Sojourner said...

Re Take #3: I TOLD you, you need to keep those and put them in Andrea's baby book. Seriously, think like a scrapbooker.

Becky D. said...

I don't think any of you have baby books. Those 2 old photo albums were about the closest thing. I get asked questions like when you started walking and I have no clue. Some of Andrea's milestones I can remember just because it was in Texas or in Ohio so I know it's before 10 months or after.

Salome Ellen said...

The items are up to you, but I have benefited from this advice (from Don Aslett) -- If you are dejunking and come across those "oh, gosh" items, put them in a box labeled "Emotional Withdrawal." Seal the box. Write on the box a date at least six months in the future. When the date passes (or the next time after that you see the box) take it to the trash UNOPENED. If you haven't touched or though about the contents in more than six months, they are not things you need to live your life.

A side note: I wish my mother had done this. After she died, I was cleaning out the house I grew up in (about 500 miles away) and had to, in essence, throw away "my whole life" at one time. I hadn't seen or thought of my high school report cards in decades, but it was surprisingly hard to put them in the trash.

Becky D. said...

A lot of the garage stuff could be trashed easily with that criteria. These boxes (about 6) have never been unpacked since our move from Texas in 1988. Unfortunately mixed in there might be some important things like our military records. It's definitely an area for improvement.
Both my parents have passed away so I understand the massive decluttering. Mine downsized to small apartments while they were still alive so at least it was less after they died. The last time with my dad was so painful. He didn't want to part with his old tools but he was in no condition to even lift some of them. My brothers and I gained a lot of stuff from those moves too.