Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Goals Quick Takes

1 - First goal of the year is to keep to our budget, especially the food budget. I'll be trying to do all cash to help with this.

2 -Second goal is to average losing a 1/2 lb a week and exercise an average of 1 hr per week. I'm just plain old counting calories trying for something in the 1600-2000 calorie range. I did 2000 this week and lost 5lbs but I would say that was because I managed to gain 7.5 lbs in the prior 2 weeks. The average exercise is because right now with even mild January weather walking outdoors isn't really possible and with a new baby and little sleep exercise is not likely to happen the next several weeks but come spring I plan to do the 5K trail with the lovely stroller my brother gave to Matthew.

3 - Read a "good" book each month. Conversion Diary Jen's link to the Register post will help with this. No Amish romances or other harlequin type books count.

4 - Do something every day with Teresa. This sounds odd as a stay at home mom but this is one on one time--reading, playing a board game, and her new favorite coloring with her. Homeschooling does not count.

5 - Quarterly dates with Andrea and my David. Andrea loves to go out to lunch and shop or garage sale and I need to make it more regular. My dear husband and I would love for this to be at least monthly but the expense and trouble of a sitter an outside date quarterly is a good goal.

6 - Add at least one spiritual activity per month. I've become very lax with any regular prayer. Things like doing a daily Angelus, or reading the gospel, or doing a weekly rosary. I'm sure I will come up with 12 things. Right now I'm working on doing a Morning Offering.

7 - Last but certainly not least enjoy this baby year with Matthew. I'm 45 and he will be our last and I know as much as possible I want savor every moment.

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