Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Can't believe it's the end of the month already. The post is going to be all over the place. If I wait for a theme I'll never post.
We had our 2nd post placement visit a few weeks ago. Friday will be 90 days since placement. Yesterday we got a call from the lawyer's staff about petitioning for finalization among other things. We also got a big email with paperwork to complete. I swear we filled this stuff out before.
We finished our federal and state returns. We're even getting some money back. This year was pretty simple since we won't have any adoption credits until after this year's finalization.
-New Carpet-
The smaller kids' bedrooms, hall, and stairs have new carpet. It was a lot of work getting the rooms cleared out for installation but so worth it. It's soft and cushy and a very boring beige so I won't bother posting a picture. The carpet type is Smart Strand which is supposed to be very stain resistant and durable.
He's doing great! Over 3 months-Over 11 lbs- Smiling tons now. He's rolled from his tummy to back twice now but it still seems random. He's sleeping pretty regularly 5-6 at a stretch at night, basically his midnight or 3am feeding is gone.
- 4th children/40's mommy-
In general I'm a much more laid back of a mommy. I do miss sleep much more than with Andrea and Megan 20 years ago but I have such a more contentment joy whatever you can call that feeling with motherhood in general. Good example of more laid back is when we didn't have a receiving blanket for his bottle and didn't want to go upstairs to get one we used a dish towel. Teresa is so sweet with Matthew most of the time. She was teaching him word cards the other day. Matthew lights up with smiles for her many times even when I think she should give him more space etc.
We finished the last of Matthew's series of Synagsis/RSV shots last week. Even though driving to Children's and their schedule was a pain with so many babies have been getting RSV I'm so happy Matthew has not been sick and was able to get the shots. After January's coughy crud the rest of the family has been well this month too. I'm also grateful for the staff member at Children's that gave us the info about a rebate program for the copays.
We're not doing much formal stuff now. Since Teresa isn't old enough even for K in our state yet I'm concentrating on preparing for next year. We've registered with St Thomas Aquinas Academy for the fall. We finished the assessment and have some plans for next fall that we'll finalize more after a phone conference in March.
I had another ultrasound earlier in the month before rescheduling my surgery that was postponed by Matthew's arrival. The cyst on my left ovary and fibroid are still there and the right ovary now has a cyst too. Surgery is rescheduled for April 13th. I'm praying that it will be able to be done laproscopically like planned.

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