Saturday, October 13, 2012

Really Fast QT

--- 1 ---

I'm supposed to leave for my mom in law's in 26 minutes. It's a 2 hr drive each way. I'm helping start to pack/declutter/etc before her planned move to my sister in law's next month. Andrea, Megan, Scott, and I are going. David is staying home with Matthew and Teresa.

--- 2 ---

We have a nice brick fireplace/wood stove in the family room. When Matthew started crawling I put the couch in front of it to block access to the little door and to keep him from falling on the hearth. Well he crawled around found a small available spot and starting gnawing on it the other day. The noise this made was awful. Chalk noise is nothing in comparison.I now have the couch, loveseat, and ottoman making an ugly wall of furniture to keep him totally away from it.

--- 3 ---

Other gnawing locations- the pew at church. Yes, I was letting him put his mouth on it and was really surprised he left teeth marks.

--- 4 ---

We're trying to refinance our mortgage. I needed proof of home owner's insurance. My file had last year's statement. I was proud I managed to create an online account and print off a statement. This was much easier than finding it in the needs filed mail stack.

--- 5 ---

Teresa is enjoying swim lessons. She is even remembering what they call the stroke positions. It's monkey, soldier, starfish. I was watching from the bleachers across the pool and when she does the monkey it looks like she's drowning.

--- 6 ---

Andrea, Matthew, and I went to the local Life Chain last Sunday. It's at our local courthouse square. A Lutheran pastor did the opening remarks and I never realized they do the same Sunday readings we have at our parish.

--- 7 ---
Adoption Fundraising- This family has a matching grant opportunity. More info on their blog.

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jen said...

#6: A huge number of churches use the Revised Common Lectionary so it's not that weird to hear the same readings on a number of churches.